Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Strategies for preparation for G.S Mains, C.C.E. by Arpana Sarmah

  • Preparing notes is essential as it saves a lot of time during revision.
  • Preparing notes of current affairs is of utmost importance because our memory fails us specially when we need it the most. Moreover, topics are so diverse that it is impossible to cover most of them in a classroom. So for Current Affairs part, self help will be the best help. One may keep important newspaper editorial cuttings. Or one may write down notes on current events right after reading the newspaper.
  • The additional benefit that comes with it is that, preparation of the General English paper will also be benefitted.
  • Analysing previous years question papers helps a lot. One gets to know the trend. We have seen above that even a layman can write around 30% of the answers without any prior preparation. There are always few open-ended questions which can be easily worked upon. Moreover, questions from some topics repeat a lot.
  • However, it may be noted that, the G.S paper is hugely unpredictable and I can bet no force on earth can give you 100% common questions.  Hence, self study is most important when it comes to G.S. Mains preparation. One has hardly 3-4 months time to finish G.S + English + 2 Optionals.
  • One has to prepare well for the static part of Polity, History, Geography, Economy, Environment, Science and Assam part, because there is no permanent trend whether more questions will be asked from the static part or current events.
  • Moreover, there are 30 questions carrying 2 marks each. They are factual. So trying to remember the facts and being able to score around 50 in that part will prove to be an added advantage.
  • Writing the longest answer for 200 words is no big deal as it will hardly be one page long. So it is important to cover larger number of topics.
  • To complete writing the G.S paper in exam is very difficult because the paper is too long. Practicing writing answers to previous year’s question papers is very important.
  • Hence, it may be suggested that one should try to limit the answers to 170-180 words instead of 200; because it is almost impossible to finish the paper in 3hours time. However quality of answers in examination has to be of good standard.

Analysis of APSC CCE 2015 GS Main Paper (long questions only) by Arpana Sarmah 

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