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My Story - KamalJyoti Borah, ALRS - 2017 (APSC CCE 2015)

A little bit of helping hand to the new aspirants specially those who are preparing on their own and surrounded by confusions galore…..
A big hello to all the new aspirants! I am Kamal Jyoti Borah, a same boat brother, a couple of weeks before. This time I have been selected in Assam Land and Revenue services through APSC CCE 2015, though the road has never been smooth. Post result declaration, I have been getting a lot of queries about the preparation strategies as well as other related things. Initially, I thought of starting my own page to guide you with whatever little experience I got but now I realize, this group would be the best platform to disseminate the strategic tips covering a larger mass. Ok lets get started now.

I will be covering the entire write-up in three sections viz. 

A) My Failure story
B) List of Books I referred
C).My Interview Transcript

A) My Failure Story….

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam rightly said “Don't read success stories, you will only get a message. Read FAILURE stories, you will get some ideas to get success."
My journey has never been a bed of roses. I failed, failed, failed and failed a number of times only to rise up to this level finally. Lets have a look at my failures down the memory lane.

1. Resigned my PhD halfway in 2008 from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Tezpur central University
2. Could not clear Mains written APSC CCE 2009
3. Cleared written Gauhati High Court Junior Administrative assistant 2009 appeared viva finally failed.
4. Cleared written Assistant director Gauahati University IDOL 2010…appeared Viva..finally failed.
5. Cleared written SBI Clerical 2010…appeared Viva..finally failed.
6. Cleared written Apex Bank PO 2010…appeared Viva..finally failed.
7. Cleared written IBPS PO 2011…appeared Viva..finally failed.
8. Cleared written SSC Prasar Bharti Programme Executive and Transmission Executive 2013…appeared Viva..finally failed.
9. Cleared written SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III(Quality Control)2012…appeared Viva..finally selected….but I was deprieved of the post citing baseless reasons.
10. Cleared written APSC CCE 2013 mains…appeared Viva..finally failed.
11. Cleared written APSC CCE 2014 mains…appeared Viva..finally failed.
12. Cleared written APSC CCE 2015 mains…appeared Viva..finally SELECTED.

Friends, the only reason for the above pen picture is to give you a hint that never get demotivated whatever the circumstance might be.

List of Books I referred to

Since I had Zoology and Sociology as my optionals. I referred to the following books:


  1. Vertebrate Zoology by Dr. Veer Bala Rastogy
  2. Invertebarte Zoology by Dr. Veer Bala Rastogy
  3. Elements of genetics by P.K. Gupta
  4. Biostatistics-A.K Sharma


1. Durgeshwar Doley(Chandraprakash)
2. C.N. Shankar Rao
3. Internet sources

General studies-

1. NCERT Textbooks
2. Civil Services manual Tata Mcgraw Hill publication
3. Enclycopaedia Brittanika
4. Tell me Why
5. More Tell me Why
6. Assam history by Edward Gait.
7. Internet sources( Wikipedia, government websites etc)

General English-

1. Grammar and composition by Wren and Martin
2. A textbook of Higher English Grammar and Composition by P.K. De Sarkar

C) My Interview transcript

I was the third candidate to be interviewed on the D- day of 14th June 2017. I had worn a Blue coloured full sleeved shirt with a contrasting tie and grey coloured pants.
Just before the interview, I had perused over the day’s newspaper and noted down the importance of 14th June (It was World Blood Donor day).
The Interview board consisted of Dr. Anupam Kumar Roy (Chairman i/c), Mr. Dipak Sharma (member) and one expert.

So here it goes:

I entered the room taking prior permission and wished all the board members and took my sit when asked to do so….

Chairman: So, where do you hail from Mr. Borah?
Me: Sir, I hail from Biswanath Chariali.

Chairman: Describe Biswanath Chariali in your own words.
Me: Sir, Biswanath Chariali is a culturally advanced beautiful place surrounded by lush green tea estates all around including Asia’s largest Tea estate Monabarie. It’s a historical place famous for the tourist spot Biswanth Ghat also known as Gupta Kashi. Its strategic location abounding Lakhimpur district, Sonitpur district and Arunachal Pradesh is also very significant.

Chairman: Why you chose ACS?
Me: Civil services has always been a childhood dream as it is considered as one of the prestigious career and it gives us a platform to serve the people at large.

Chairman: So you passed your Msc in 2008. What have you been doing since then?
Me: Sir, I have been working as PGT Biotechnology in JNV Lakhimpur since 2008.

Chairman: What were your optionals Mr. Borah?
Me: I had Zoology and Sociology?

Chairman: Why Zoology?
Me: Sir, I studied Zoology in my graduation.

Chairman: (Smiling) Oh! I see you studied Zoology first and then did your masters in Biotechnology. I mean You are a biologist first and then a biotechnologist. Ok, tell me the applications of Biotechnology in the field of Agriculture.
Me: Sir, biotechnology has been playing a crucial role in boosting food production through recombinant DNA methods to address the ever increasing population. (Then I discussed about Hybrid seeds, Biopesticides, biofertilizers etc.)

Chairman: What are the negative effects of Hybrid seeds?
Me: Sir, since most of the hybrid seeds are produced by big biotechnology giants, the farmers incur heavy economic loses as they have to depend upon these big firms every year to procure these seeds as the biggest disadvantage of hybrid seeds is that they don’t “reproduce true” in the second generation.

Chairman: Why this happens?
Me: This is because most of the hybrid plants lose their hybrid vigor.

Chairman: Is there any solution?
Me: Yes alternative strategies can be employed to produce hybrid seeds.

Chairman: What was your specialization in Msc?
Me: Bioresource and Environmental biotechnology.

Chairman: Give a brief summary of your specialization.
Me: Sir, basically it deals with protecting the degrading environment through biotechnological solutions against pollution( I cited examples how hydrocarbon degrading bacterial consortium eats up oil spill leakage in marine environment).

Chairman: Can you name a disease that broke out in Japan because of consumption of contaminated fish?
Me: Yes sir, it is Minamata disease caused by mercury pollution.

Next, the baton was passed on to Mr. Dipak Sharma, Member

Dipak Sharma: Who is your Role model?
Me: My father.

Dipak Sharma: Why?
Me: My father has always been an epitome of simplicity and honesty. I have been inspired from my very childhood seeing how he had sacrificed everything for the well upbringing of his siblings and family.

Mr. Dipak Sharma then debated a bit over the power of magistrates, however the chairman interrupted and supported my viewpoints).
Next, the baton was passed on to the Expert

The Expert volleyed on to me 10 rapid fire questions, out of which, I could answer 8 correctly at electrifying speed; thanx to my strong memory and presence of mind.

Expert: Which is the longest river in the world?
Me: River Nile.

Expert: Full form of NATO
Me: North Atlantic Treaty organization

Expert: Full form of UDAN
Me: No idea sir.

Expert: Full form of SAARC
Me: South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation.

Expert: Where is its headquarters?
Me: Kathmandu, Nepal

Expert: Who is the present French President?
Me: Sorry, Just slipped out his name sir.

Expert: Full form of NITI
Me: National Institution for Transforming India

Expert: Name the present CEO of NITI
Me: Mr. Amitabh Kant

Expert: Where did the 2016 BRICS meet held?
Me: Goa

Expert: How many states are there in our country?
Me: 29 states( For a moment, it appeared tricky but I was lucky to recall it quickly realizing creation of Telegana as the 29th state)

The interview lasted for around 25 minutes and finally I left the room with a bright smile and a sense of satisfaction.

I hope, my write up will really be helpful if not fully for all the new aspirants. Best wishes to you all and thank you vey much….


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