Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Inventors in Computer history

1. HARD DISK  - IBM 1953
2. Universal Serial Bus - Ajay Bhatt of Intel
3. USB flash drive - M systems an Israeli Company by Amir Ban, Dov Moran, oron ogdan. It Was first sold by -  IBM capacity of 8MB . Trek technology - sold it by the name of "THUMBDRIVE "
4.Father of Pendrive - Pua Khein - seng from Malaysia. Developed World first single chip USB flash controller
5. Mouse  - Douglas Engelbart
6.Internet Email Server  - Marcus J Ranum developed for
7. Webcam - Dr Quentin Stafford Fraser and Paul Jardetzky
8. 1st Antivirus software written by - Bernd Fix, neutralize the Vienna virus
9.1st virus  - creeper, it was deleted by "The Reaper" created by Ray Tomlinson.
10.Ethernet Switch - kalpana (founder Vinod Bhardwaj and Larry Blair) in 1989-1990
11.Optical Mouse - Steven Todd Kirsch
12.Scanner  - Russell A kirsch, scanned a photo of his son
13. 1st DRAM- Robert Dennard
14.Switch mode power supply (SMPS)  - Rod Holt in Apple 2
15.keyboard - Christopher Latham Sholes invented QWERTY keyboard
16.Touch Screen Phone,First Smartphone  - IBM Simon In 1992
17.Resistive Touchscreen - Dr G Samuel Hurst
18 Touch Screen Computer - HP - 150 Developed by HP
19 CRT monitor - Demonstrated in 1897. Commercial in 1992 Monochrome CRT., Color CRT - 1954
20.Compact DISC - James T Russell
21.Optical Recording Technology - David Paul Gregg and James Russell in 1958


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