Wednesday, 23 August 2017

GST Expected GK Questions for Competitve Exams

1. How many types of taxes will be in Indian GST?
Answer: Central GST (CGST), State GST (SGST) and IGST are three types of taxes.

2. Country has the maximum GST tax slab?
Answer: India (28%)

3. Around how many countries adopted GST?
Answer: 160

4. Which country is the first one to implement GST?
Answer: France

5. How many countries have dual – GST model?
Answer: Canada, India

6. Rate structures of Indian GST Model?
Answer: They are 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%

7. The tax IGST charged by _____Government?
Answer: Central

8. In India GST was first proposed in _____?
Answer: 2000

9. The headquarters of GST council is _____?
Answer: New Delhi

10. Who is the chairman of GST council?
Answer: Arun Jaitley

11.  Who is the GST Finance Ministers Panel Chairman?
Answer: Amit Mishra

12. Which is the first state to ratify GST Bill?
Answer: Assam

13. First state that passed GST Bill?
Answer: Telangana

14. GST threshold limit of North Eastern States?
Answer: 10 Lakh

15. GST threshold limit of Normal States?
Answer: 20 Lakh

16. The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) announced that every year _____ will be considered as GST Day?
Answer: July 1

17. GSTN comes under which Act?Answer: Companies Act, 201318. What does N stands for in HSN?
Answer: HSN - Harmonized System of Nomenclature


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