Wednesday, 16 August 2017


  • The government is working on a green urban mobility scheme for transportation in 103 cities that would promote use of hybrid /electric vehicles and non -fossil fuels among others for public transport. 
  • It would be implemented in 103 cities having more than 5 lakh population. 
  • Scheme will be implemented in seven years mission mode. 
  • Rs 70000 crore fund is required for the scheme. 
  • 10 percent of the fund will be given by local bodies, 30 percent each by centre and states and the rest will be raised as a loan from multilateral agencies. 
  • The scheme entails setting up of pedestrian pathways, cycling tracks, public bike sharing, bus rapid transit system and innovating financing for transport system and progressively shift to usage of electric /hybrid and non fossil fuels for public transport. 


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