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Which is  the highest civil honour conferred in India? — Bharat Ratna.

Who composed  the  National  Anthem  of India? —  Rabindra  Nath Tagore

India’s first  nuclear research reactor   is ______. — Apsara.

Jnanpeeth  Award is given annually  for —  Outstanding  contribution to creative Indian Literature.

The two highest  gallantry awards conferred in India are —  Param Vir Chakra and  Maha Vir  Chakra.

The  first, atomic  power  station  of  India is located at — Tarapur.

India’s first earth satellite station  is   located at —  Arvi, near Pune.

After Hindi, which Indian language is spoken by the largest number of people? —  Telugu.

Which country assisted India in the launching of her first satellite ‘Aryabhatta’? —  U.S.S.R. (now defunct).

Nehru Literacy Award  was  instituted  by —  The Indian Adult Education  Association.

In  which year  were the  first Asian Games  held?  Where? —  New Delhi in  1950.

Who designed the  city  of Chandigarh? —  Le Corbusier.

Who was the World’s  first  woman  Prime Minister? — Smt. Sirimavo Bandaranaike  of Sri   Lanka.

Who  gave the slogan  ‘Delhi Chalo’? —  Subhash Chandra Bose.

Who gave the slogan ‘Jai  Jawan,    Jai Kisan’? —  Lal Bahadur Shastri

What  do  the letters  H,  B  & J  stand for,  in ‘HBJ Pipeline’? — H stands for Hazira (Gujarat), B for Bijaipur  (Madhya Pradesh) and J  for  Jagdishpur, (Uttar Pradesh).

Name the Indian Army officer who had earned the sobriquet ‘Sparrow’. —   Maj.  Gen.  Rajinder Singh.

Which is  the smallest  District in  the Indian  Union? —  Mahe  in Pondicherry Union Territory.  (9 s­  km.)

Name the U.S. President  who was the first  to hold office for  more  than  two terms. —  F.D. Roosevelt (1933-45). (The term  of  office is  four years).

Who was the British Prime Minister whose Government granted inde- pendence to India? — C.R. Attlee  (1945-51)

Zimbabwe  was  formerly known as? — Southern Rhodesia.

The  Parliament  of  Netherlands  is known as? —  The States-General.

Which  is  the  present  headquarters  of INTERPOL? —  Lyons.  (Paris was  the HQ  till May 1986).

Which territory  has  earned  the sobriquet  “Never Never  Land”? — Prairies of  North  Australia.

Identify the three countries  that constitute the “Golden    Triangle”. —  Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Which  is the  seat of  the World  Court?  —  The  Hague (Netherlands).

Name the three Asian countries that have been branded as the “Golden Crescent”  of  drug trafficking. — Pakistan,  Afghanistan and  Iran.

Who played  the role  of  Patel  in  Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi? — Saeed Jaffrey.

Who was  the  first Indian  to receive an  Oscar  Award? — Bhanu Athaiah, Costumes Designer for Attenborough’s Gandhi.

What is common to Sardar Patel, Morarji Desai, Charan Singh and YB. Chavan? —  All of  them had  served as Deputy Prime  Ministers  in free India.

6-6-66 was  a  significant  date in  the history of  the  Indian  Rupee.  How? — The Rupee was devalued on that date. (The  first devaluation came  in 1949).

The  Ozone layer  absorbs, and  prevents certain  rays of  the sun   from reaching  the  earth. If  these  rays  are  not absorbed   life  on  earth  will  be destroyed.  Name the rays. —  Ultraviolet Rays.

Briefly outline  the selection  process  of  the U.N.  Secretary-General. — He is elected by the General Assembly, on the recommendation of  the  Security Council.

The world’s largest river island (bound by the Brahmaputra to the south and the  Subansiri  and Kherketia in  the north) lies in Assam.  Its    name? —  Majuli: (For the people  of  Majuli,  the mighty  Brahmaputra is both a river of sorrow and hope. Each monsoon, the floods carry away huge chunks of earth, scarring the landscape; yet, once the waters recede, people  gather at the  banks to pray to the river,   also their life-giver. It is an annual cycle. Jorhat Town in Upper Assam is the nearest link  in the  mainland).

What  is  Athlete’s foot — Athlete’s foot is a type of ringworm in which cracks appear in  the skin between the   toes.

What is arachnophobia? —  Fear  of Spiders.

Southern  Rhodesia is  now known as? — Zimbabwe.

A prolific English writer, alert and active, an Indian citizen but, for some years now, a resident of London, will be  completing 101 years  this  year. Guess who? —  Nirad C. Chaudhuri

It  was once  called the Congo River.  What  is  it  called today? —  River Zaire.

Who was the philosopher from Athens (who lived before Christ) who wrote  the ‘Republic’?
—  Plato (427-347  B.C). (A philosopher  and  educator of ancient Greece, he is known as one of the most important thinkers and writers in the history of Western    Culture).

Which is the third most important financial centre in Asia after Hong Kong and Tokyo? — Singapore.

What is phobophobia? — Fear of  fear.

Which newspaper used the word ‘Hijack’ for the first time to describe the taking over  of an  aircraft in   February  1958? —  The  New York Times.

In which text did Kapila propound a theory  that all matter derives from      a pure,  primordial matrix  of  energy, Prakriti?  —  The Sankhya Sutra.

Australasia refers to? — Australasia refers to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and  other nearby  islands.

To win the Swaythling Cup,  what  game/sport  would you  need to play? —  Table Tennis.

Both wife and daughter of this famous nuclear physicist, seminal to Indian nuclear  programme,  are eminent classical  dancers.  Name  him. —  Dr.  Vikram Sarabhai.

What is a  ‘Consortium  Bank’? —  A  Bank, whose shareholders  are other banks.

This book, now rated to be the greatest novel of this century, created a furore on publication for its ‘obscene content’ and was banned in a num-  ber of European countries. Name  the book and its    author. —  James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Name the first Asian to head the prestigious Trinity College at Cam- bridge University. —  Amartya  Sen,  eminent Indian economist.

What  is  an Archipelago? — A  broad expanse of sea  containing many   islands.

Each mythology had a goddess of love. The Romans called her  Venus. The  Greeks called her? — Aphrodite.

The two brothers - Indians - are famous virtuosos and as violinists- composers have teamed up with greats like Stephane Grappelli to Frank Zappa. Name them. —  L. Subramaniam  and  L. Shankar.

What  is  a Zoophyte? — A zoophyte is an animal which resembles  a plant  eg a sponge.

The first  Indian  woman  to win  an  Olympic medal —  Karnam Malleswari

The  longest-serving Chief  Minister in India — Jyoti  Basu

A  former woman  Chief  Minister  in India who was  a novelist  too —  Nandini Satpati

Who became Indian  Prime Minister  at the  age of  81?   — Morarji Desai

The  first  film director  to win  a Filmfare Award —  Bimal Roy

The  first  Indian  to receive  the Magsaysay Award —  Vinoba Bhave

Where  was India’s  first steel  plant set up? — Jamshedpur

The  pop music  artist known  for  “Like  a Virgin”  and “Material Girl”. — Maradonna

The  oldest  man  to win  the 100  metres Olympic Gold —  Linford Christie

In  what  capacity  did Vasco  de  Gama  come to India in 1524? — Portuguese Viceroy of  India

The writer  who introduced the fictional  village Macondo in his works —  Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What  volcanic island  emerged  off  Iceland in 1963? — Surtsey

What  is Union Jack? —  The national  flag of UK

What  does  PBX stand for? —  Private Branch Exchange

One of the following was not a British PM. Spot the odd man: Neville Chamberlain, Clement  Attlee, Harold Macmillan, Harry Truman — Harry Truman

Who directed Ben-Hur? —  William Wyler

Whose autobiography  “Magic” was published when he was 24? —  Magic  Johnson, basketball player

The  most-filmed  play by Shakespeare? — Hamlet

The film  which had  the song  “Que Sera,  Sera’ in  it? —  The Man Who Knew Too Much

Who  sang  “Candle  in the Wind”? —  Elton John

Who is the  late  Indian  President  after  whom the  National  Labour Institute  is  known?UNDAN—  VV  Giri

The French writer  and actor Jean-Baptiste Poquelin’s  more popular name — Moliere

The Nobel Prize winner who discovered the organism that causes cholera —  Robert Koch

In  “x-rays”,  what  did “x” mean? —  ‘ unknown’.

Who coined  the term ‘horsepower’? — James Watt

What led to a method of finding out about the motion and shape of molecules  known  as Raman spectroscopy? —  Raman effect

Who appointed Hitler Chancellor in  Germany in   1933? — President Hindenburg

How  many years did  Nehru  spend in jails? — Ten

The leader  of  Kenya who was  born  Kamau  Ngengi?   — Jomo Kenyatta

The English film actor and director who spent 20 years in self-imposed exile in Switzerland —  Charlie Chaplin

Ho Chi Minh was born in Vietnam when it was part of the French colony of: — Indochina

The  name the Yugoslav  leader  Josip Broz adopted? — Tito

The year Nobel Prizes were first    awarded in — 1901

A  party or  outing for women — Hen party

What is common to these films: Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, The English Patient, Braveheart? —  Oscar best  film award winners

Spot the person who didn’t win the Nobel Prize: Mother Teresa, Henry Kissinger, Mahatma  Gandhi, Albert  Schweitzer, Martin  Luther  King Jr. —  Mahatma Gandhi

He has been called the father of modern journalism, but he is more famous for  his novels.  Who  is he? —  Daniel Defoe

Members of the British political party Peelite were conservative supporters  of Sir .... —  Robert Peel

Prime Minister’s Shram Awards are Shram Ratna, Shram Bhushan, ........ and Shram Shri/Devi — Shram Vir

Raj  Kapoor’s immortal  film of 1951? — Awara

Name  two American  Presidents who  had  the  first name George —  George Washington  and George Bush

Oscar  awards  are awarded  in  how  many different categories?— 24

The year  London  was  destroyed by  the Great Fire — 1666

To which political party does Tony  Blair, the British PM, belong? — Labour

The election is held in November, President takes office the following January. Where? — In USA

Ever since 1301, it has been customary for the eldest son and heir of the British  monarch to  be invested as —  Prince of Wales

Choose the correct answer: Margaret Thatcher was the first/second/ third woman  PM of Britain — First

The  year  USA became  independent from Britain — 1783

A combined four-nation  army  led  by —  defeated Napoleon  at  Waterloo in 1815. KUND—  Duke  of  Wellington

Spot  the Republican:  Bill  Clinton,  Ronald Reagan,  Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy —  Ronald Reagan

What is common to these people: John Cabot, Pedro Alvarez Cabral, Rodrigo de Bastidas? — Explorers

World’s  first credit card? —  Diners  Club Card

Which comes  first, Good  Friday  or Easter? —  Good Friday

Janamashtami  is  the birthday of —  Lord Krishna

Prophet Muhammad set out from Mecca to Medina in the year A.D. — 622

Of  which religion  is the Star of  David  the symbol? — Judaism

The Zodiac sign that comes    after Capricorn? — Aquarius

What is C-DOT? —  Centre  for  Development of Telematics

Where  is Louvre Museum? —  In Paris (France)

The first woman  to reach  the top of   the Everest — Junko Tabei

How many Oscars  did Gigi,  The Last  Emperor,  and  The English  Patient w i n ? —  Nine each

What is  the expansion  of MGM,  the Hollywood   studio? —  Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Chief Ministers of which States participated in the Cauvery Accord of 1998? —  Karnataka, Tamil  Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry

Who  freed Scotland  from English rule? — Robert Bruce

The Scottish poet and novelist who settled in Samoa in 1888 hoping  to  find  a  cure  for his tuberculosis? —  RL Stevenson

The Dutch painter who created more than 800 paintings but  sold  only one  in his lifetime: —  Vincent  Van Gogh

An English philosopher whose grandfather was a Liberal Prime Minister —  Bertrand Russell

Who is called Dharmaputra   in Mahabharat? — Yudhishtira

The  Kathak exponent who performed continuously  for  9 hrs 20   mts —  Gopi Krishna

The husband and wife who were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1935 —  Frederic Joliot  and  Irene Curie

He immortalised himself as Rhett Butler in one of Hollywood’s greatest films. Who? —  Clark  Gable (Gone  With the Wind)

What  national memorial  was installed at  India Gate in   1972? —  Amar Jawan

The two  languages officially  recognised in  Canada —  English and French

Non-Objective Art  is the correct name for what  is usually called — Abstract Art

If we go by the meaning of the name, venereal diseases are caused by which  goddess of love? — Venus

India’s  largest mineral resource — Coal

South  America’s  main trading group? — Mercosur

The  biggest  mosque in India —  Juma Masjid

Where  is  the city Kaduna? — In Nigeria

Britain’s  richest non-fiction award? —  The Samuel Johnson Prize

The  name ‘ayatollah’ mean —  religious leader

Court  poet of  Harshavardhana and author  of Kadambari — Banabhatta

Expand COMECON —  Council for Mutual Economic  Assistance

In 1934 a film got Oscars for best film, best director, best actor and best actress.  Name the film — It  Happened One  Night

When was  Postal Money  Order service introduced in   India? — In 1880

What category would you put these men in: James Cameron, Bernardo Bertolucci,  David Lean, Richard Attenborough? — Film directors

At what age did Puyi become emperor of China? He was overthrown in 1911. — Two

In the Saka calendar, the extra day of a leap year is added to which month? — Chaitra

Harry Clive Webb was the real  name of  which British  singer and actor? —  Cliff Richard

From  whom do  Teddy bears  get  their name? — US  President Theodore  Roosevelt

What  does  a bibliosphilist collect? — Books

How is Golda  Meir  of  Israel remembered? — The first woman Prime Minister of  the    country

Where do we have more  English-speakers, in  USA or    UK?  — USA

The country  with  the  longest official name? — Libya

Al-Manlakah al-urdunniyah  al-Hashimiyah.  This country  is  known  to us as: — Jordan

What is the more popular name of seppuku,  a    ritual  suicide? — Harakiri

What  is Hansen’s disease? — Leprosy

A measure of the ability of an instrument to resolve optical images or spectra: —  resolving power

Who rests  at Kisan Ghat? —  Charan Singh

The  two biggest  rice-producing countries  in  the world? —  China  and India

The continent where more than 99 per cent of world’s Hindu population live? — Asia

Powerful waves caused by undersea earthquakes  or  volcanic  eruptions are — Tsunamis

Who is popularly  known as  the “Gandhi of  Sri   Lanka”? —  A.T. Ariyaratne

A  glutton  (eats/drinks/plays) too much — eats

Who gave the first  demonstration of  television in   1926? —  John Logie Baird

What do we call any creation that slips from the control of and ultimately destroys its creator? —  Frankenstein monster

An imaginary  place where everything is  as bad  as it  could possibly be — Dystopia

Amelia  Earhart is  the first  woman to fly solo across the _______ in    1932. — Atlantic

A situation in which a product or service of  several sellers  is sought  by only one buyer —Monopsony

What  is  a  koala__an  animal,  a drink or a fastening? —  an animal

The  world’s southernmost city —  Punta Arenas

The President of India has the power of pardon. Is a state Governor empowered  to grant pardons? — Yes

The meaning  of ‘Babur’  (the Mogul emperor): — Lion

The  disciple who betrayed  Jesus Christ: — Judas

‘Alpha  and Omega’ me— —  The beginning  and the end

The three  or  four  hours after  midnight is  called: —  the  small hours

The Cro-Magnon man lived in Europe at the end of the Ice Age. Where is Cro-Magnon? —  In southern France

The  highest  mountain in Europe? —  Mount Elbrus

It was built in France in sections and shipped in 214 cases  to USA  in 1885 What? — The  Statue of  Liberty in  New York  harbour

What is  the age of an  object to be considered as an    antique? — 60 years

One calorie is the amount of heat it takes to raise the temperature of one ______ of water  one  degree centigrade — gram

Diana hayden was the third Indian to be crowned Miss World. Who were  the first two? —  Rita Faria  and Aishwarya Rai

Which tennis star is  popular  among  family and  friends as  ‘Lee’? — Leander Paes

What  does ‘emcee’ mean? —  Master of Ceremonies

Which  is bigger,  acre or hectare? — hectare

The first Olympic Games after first world war and the first when the Olympic  flag was flown —  Antwerp Olympics (1920)

The first scientist  to receive  Bharat Ratna: — CV Raman

‘Corn’ normally  refers to  wheat  in  Britain,  and  to ____ in North  America — maize

The  ‘Allies’ in  the first  world war  were: — Britain, France, Russia,  Italy and   USA

The  first West  Indies player  to make  100 centuries  in first-class  cricket —  Viv Richards

The  Prime  Minister  who was  assassinated by  a  Buddhist monk: — Solomon Bandarnaike (Sri  Lanka)

Who wrote adventure tales in the Secret  Seven  and  the  Famous  Five series? —  Enid Blyton

The first Indian  to play  for England  in   a Test — Ranjitsinhji

How  many women participated in the   1896 Olympics? — None

P Gopichand and Aparna  Popat  play  (tennis/badminton/chess) — badminton

The lady  who quit  IAS  and  later won  the Magsaysay  Award — Aruna Roy

Conjoined  twins  are often called: —  Siamese twins

Where  is India’s  National  Institute  of Sports situated? — Patiala

Which  country  has the  largest Jewish population? — USA

The  first  non-Italian  Pope since 1522 —  John Paul II

The language  with no script  of  its own   (nepalese/Konkani) — Konkani

The  fifth largest  planet  of  the solar system: — The Earth

Where was  the  first  football  World Cup held (1930)? — Uruguay

Who sang “My  Heart  Will  Go On”. (Titanic)? —  Celine Dion

The three names associated with the discovery of DNA are Dr James Watson,  Dr  Francis Crick and _______ —  Dr Maurice Wilkins

In  1848,  The Communist  Manifesto was  published by  Karl  Marx and ______. —  Friedrich Engels

Where did MN Roy establish the communist Party in 1919? It was the  first  one outside Russia. — Mexico

The first son of a Chief Minister to become the CM of  the same  Indian state —  Shyama Charan Shukla

The Indian  PM  who was  born  on Dec 25 —  Atal Behari Vajpayee

In  which year  did  Gandhi discard the dhoti  and kurta? — 1921

Which bank was started by unifying the Presidency Banks of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras? — Imperial  Bank of  India

The boy from an Imphal children’s home who gave India its first  boxing  gold  in 16 years at  the  Asian Games? — Ngangom Dingto Singh

Louis Pasteur’s discovery of the micro-organisms that sour wine and milk resulted in  the  process known as: — Pasteurisation

The  official language  of Brazil is — Portuguese

Dr Jack  Kevorkian is notorious of   practising: — mercy killing (euthanasia)

The five  Grammy  awards  she  won  was a  record.  Who is the singer? — Lauryn Hill

Hong Kong  is  part  of  UK/China/Taiwan.  Which is correct? — China

Permanent  members of  UN Security Council:—  China, France,  Russia, UK, USA

The World Court is  another name   for: — International Court of  Justice

UNESCO  has  its headquarters in: — Paris

The  Commonwealth  was originally called: — The  British Commonwealth of Nations

Who called Russia  “a riddle  wrapped in  a mystery  inside an   enigma”? — Winston Churchill

The  youngKest  Chief Minister  in India —DPK  MahaAnta (AssaNm,  1985)

‘She has  a sweet  tooth’.  What  does it mean? —  She  loves sweets

‘The  evil that  men do  lives after  them’.  Who wrote these  words? — Shakespeare

The  first  woman  to win  an  Olympic gold? — Charlotte Cooper  (Britain, 1900,  tennis)

In Britain, traffic moves  on the  right  or left? — Left

What do we call a native of    Barbados? — A Barbadian —  Booker Prize  winning books

Which  country  has  most public libraries? — Russia

Which of these cups/trophies are associated with cricket: Ranji Trophy, Durand,  Cup,  Sahara Cup,  Wills Trophy? — All except Durand  Cup

Satyajit  Ray’s last film — Agantuk

Joan of  Arc is the French  heroine known  as the Maid of     ______ — Orleans

Mother  goddess  of  the Earth  in Greek mythology — Gaia

‘I got it  gratis’ me- — ‘I got it  free’

In  the film  Surviving Picasso,  who portrays  Picasso? —Anthony Hopkins

Who  developed  the  theory of  white dwarf stars? — Dr Chandrasekhar Subramanyan

What  is the  shortened form  of Association Football? — Soccer

The ruler  of  kashmir  who signed  the state’s  accession to India in   1947: — Maharaja  Hari Singh

The tower  in Russia,  twice the  height  of  France’s Eiffel  Tower: — Ostankino TV  tower

World’s largest  animal  rights organisation: — People for the  Ethical Treatment of  Animals  (PETA)

Recording industry’s most  prestigious  awards: — Grammy Awards

Which  country has  banned the  sect Falun Gong? — China

What was special about the Bharat Ratna awarded to Lal Bahadur  Shastri? — The  first posthumous  Bharat Ratna

The Olympic triathlon begins with a 1.5 km swim, moves on to a 40 km cycle ride  and finishes  with a ______ — 10 km  run

Venus  Williams  or  Serena Williams:  Who is  the elder sister? — Venus Williams

Australia hosted the Modern Summer Olympics for the first time in _____ (year)? —  1956 (Melbourne)

The number  of black  squares on  a chess board: — 32

To  which Olympic  event is  ‘coxed fours’ related? — Rowing

Name  the first  Indian to win  two gold at  the Asiad  after PT    Usha — Jyotirmayee Sikdar

In  which  country is  SLORC the  seat of power? — Myanmar

What  do we  call  the  citizens of Sydney? — Sydneysiders

 Met  Office is  short  Ufor —  Meteorological  office

Cox’s  Bazar  (in  Bangladesh)’s fame — It has  world’s longest beach (120   km)

The  Hindi poet  known as ‘Agyeya’ — SH Vatsyayan

India’s  largest commercial bank — State Bank of  India

In Greek mythology,  Eros is the god of  love.  Its Roman equivalent    ______ — Cupid

The  first  European  to round the Cape  of  Good Hope — Bartholomeu Diaz

Boston  Tea  Party (1773)  was (a  tea party/a dinner/neither) — neither

Which State was  known  as  Magadha in  ancient times? — Bihar

When  was  Burma  separated from India? — In 1937

Who was  the Agnes  that  became Teresa? — Mother Teresa (Agnes Ganxha  Bojaxhiu

The irregular troops led by Italian patriot Garibaldie were known as — the Red Shirts

The man  who  invented printing  was a  goldsmith. His  name? — Johann Gutenberg

The country  that suffered  the greatest  loss of  life in World WAr II? — Russia

What was the name Eric the Red gave the island he discovered in 980 to attract settlers? — Greenland

The  13th  century Italian  explorer  who  came to India? —  Marco Polo

Tasmania  is  called  so because  _______ discovered it. —  Abel Tasman

What  is a ukulele? —  A  small guitar

The five countries that have taken part in every Summer Olympic Games since 1896,  including the ‘unofficial’ Athens Games of    1906 — Australia, France, Greece, Great Britain, Switzerland.

Of  which  country  is Pusan  the main port? — South  Korea

The first  woman  to  win a  Sahitya Akademi award — Amrita Pritam

On April 1, 1912 the capital of India was shifted from ______ to Old Delhi — Calcutta

The  first Indian  woman  to  enter the  semifinals of  an Olympic  event: — Shiny Wilson

The first US First  Lady  to  be a  candidate in  a national   election — Hillary Clinton

The  Kuomintang  (National Party)  was founded  in 1905 by — Sun Yat-sen

Name  the country  whose name  means ‘Little Venice’. — Venezuela

The year in which Julius Caesar    was assassinated — 44 BC

The city that is not a capital”: Canberra, Windhoek, Wellington, Dodoma, New York. —  New York.

The world’s first artificial satellite was named ‘Sputnik’. What does the Russian word mean? —  fellow traveller

“There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim”. Who said it? He founded a new religion —  Guru Nanak

The painter who  designed a  helicopter in  eary 16th   century. —  Leonardo da Vinci

The  “Virgin  Queen” of England. — Elizabeth I

John  Milton’s work on  the  Fall of Man —  Paradise Lost

The largest fish —  The  whale shark

The largest snake — The anaconda

A  sparrow’s heart  beat  is more than times a  minute — 500

A nautical  mile is  a little  more/less than  a  land mile — morees

What medal (gold/silver/bronze) did Leander Paes win in Atlanta Olympics? — Bronze

The world’s  first nuclear  submarine  was named — Nautilus

Bureau  of  Indian  Standards was formerly known  as: —  Indian Standards Institution

Netaji Subhas  Chandra Bose  was President  of  INC.  True or  False? — True

World’s longest  and the tallest  masonry dam? — Nagarjunasagar Dam

Sea of  Galilee is  a _______ in   North Israel — lake

The first  Indian  film  that was insured: — Taal (1999)

Kamal Haasan  acted as a woman   in —  Avvai Shanmughi (Chachi 420)

Name  India’s  largest  film city — Ramoji Rao Film City near    Hyderabad

The king  in Greek  mythology  whose  touch  turned everything into  gold — Midas

Who composed  India’s  national  song  Vande Maataram? —  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

The  189th  member of UN — Tuvalu

What  does ‘circa’ mean? — about

Number of  Olympic  gold medals  won  by Carl lewis — Nine

The  world’s largest democracy: — India

The Indian litterateur who used the pennames Dhanpat Rai and  Nawab Rai. —  Munshi Prem Chand

Indira Gandhi’s  socialist slogan on  poverty  eradication —  Garibi hatao

US basketball  legend who was named  ‘Most  Valuable  Player’ five  times. —  Michael Jordan

The state described  as the  ‘Land of  Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar    Patel’— Gujarat

How  many countries  are there  in South America? — Twelve

Highest  Indian  award for gallantry — Param Vir  Chakra

The  year Finland  hosted  the  Olympic  Games A—  1952 N(Helsinki)

Largest  desert in India —  Thar (Rajasthan)

Of the following, which one is not in Maharashtra: Ellora, Amravati, Sanchi, Mahabaleshwar, Latur? — Sanchi

India’s longest beach —  Marina beach, Chennai

First  foreign  bank in India — Chartered Bank

Nag/Akash/Agni: Which  of  these is an  anti-tank guided  missile? — Nag

India’s  literacy  rate in 1901: — 5.3 per  cent

INS Vikrant,  INS Viraat.  Which is  the older  of the  two? —  INS Vikrant

The UP  city  formerly  known as Prayag: — Allahabad

The  Indian  city  (the Golden  City)  known for  its silk industry — Kancheepuram

The sportsman who became India’s first World Champion in billiards in 1958 —  Wilson Jones

Indira Gandhi’s husband Feroze Gandhi was a member of Lok Sabha. True or False? — True

Which state was bifurcated into  Maharashtra and Gujarat?— Bombay

The first  Asian  woman  to swim  the English Channel — Arati Saha

First Indian  Chief of  the  Naval Staff —  Admiral RD Katari

India’s  first  nuclear research reactor. — Apsara

Who  described Gandhiji  as  ‘half  naked seditious fakir’? —  Winston Churchill

The  President of  Indian origin  elected in  Singapore in  1981 —  CV  Devan Nair

In 1982 Barny Clark got    world’s first: —  artificial heart

What  is the  expansion  of CHOGM? —  Commonwealth Heads of  Government Meeting

The  Russian Parliament  building is called: —  White House

What  is known  as garden egg? —  Brinjal  or eggplant

The Rio Grande forms an 800-mile     border  between  USA and ______ — Mexico

—  The  denomination of  the  first postage stamp of  Independent India — 3½ annas

Who  coined  the word ‘Swaraj’? —  Dadabhai Naoroji

The  first  Asian  to head the  International Cricket Council —  Jagmohan Dalmiya

Where is Dharamshala, the place where Dalai Lama has established a Government-in-exile? —  In Himachal Pradesh

Which of  these is  not  a  capital city:  Silvassa, Panaji,  Diu? — Diu

Shotput (is/is not) one of the five events of women’s pentathlon: — is

A  break dance  competition  is  known as a — battle

‘La  Marseillaise’  is the  national anthem of: — France

What did  Picasso  and  Georges Brague invent? — Cubism

Pound-foolish me —  unwise  in dealing  with important matters

Who  was  known  as ‘Little Corporal’? —  Napoleon Bonaparte

The first President Dr Rajendra Prasad took office on Jan 26, 1950 from whom? — C Rajagopalachari

The  Army  rank between  Colonel  and Major General — Brigadier

In  “Space  Jam”,  who plays basketball  with cartoon  characters? —  Michael Jordon

Caspian  Sea  is world’s largest — lake

The planet  named after the god of   the sea: — Neptune

How many  African countries  were UN  members  in 1945? — Four

Which country  is called the  Hellenic Republic? — Greece

The country  with  more  than 55,000 lakes: — Finland

Lion  used to be India’s  national animal:  True  or False? — True

Nationality  of  poet Octavio Paz? — Mexican

Creator  of the comic  icon Batman: — Bob Kane

The filmmaker who made Rashomon? He is known for his treatment of legendary stories — Akira Kurosawa

Gol  Gumbaz  is in (Jaipur/Bijapur/Agra) — Bijapur

Dante  is best  known for  his  epic poem: —  Divine Comedy

The second storey is covered by an estimated 400 kg of gold leaf and hundreds  of  precious  stones. Which  building  are  we talking about? —  The  Golden Temple, Amritsar

The richest  Hindu temple  in the  world —  Tirupati  Temple in A.P.

Bill Gates’s wife — Melinda

Which  US  political  party was founded in  1792  and  dissolved in  1828? — Democratic-Republican Party

The weight  of  the  discus  used  in athletic competitions: —  Two Kg

Irrawaddy  is the  chief river of — Burma (Myanmar)

The system  of  unarmed  self-defence meaning ‘empty-handed’? — Karate

The study  of  the  characteristics of  the human  population
— Demography

Who is  known  as  the ‘Mother  of  Indian Revolution’?
—  Madame Bikaji Cama

Who was  called the  ‘Lion of Kashmir’? —  Sheikh Abdullah

The length  of  Mahatma Gandhi  Road Bridge across the  Ganga at   Patna:
— 5.575 km

A  country named  after a tree — Brazil

Which  country  won the  Russo-Japanese War  of  1904-05? —  Japan

The second  European country  to become  industrialised, after   Britain: — France

Length  of  the Great  Wall of China — 2400  km

When did Indian Cinema  complete its   100th anniversary? —  In 1997

Who  created  the character ‘Shakuntala’? — Kalidas

The country where the first official family planning programme was launched — India

The world’s biggest  island belongs  to  which country? — Denmark

Even after 30 years’ work, the book remained unfinished when the author  died. Which book?
Das Kapital

India has issued a postage stamp of Rs 45 in honour of ______
— Mother Teresa

Which US State  is known  as  Empire State? —  New York

Aristotle was a  Pupil of  Plato, and _______   to Alexander — tutor

A UN Secretary General later became his country’s President. Name the country — Austria

The author  of  The  Interpretation of Dreams — Sigmund Freud

The year  1963  saw  the first  successful  (heart/lung/kidney) transplant
— kidney

How  old was  Swami Vivekananda when  he died? — 39 years

Bahawat  Tribunal Award is related to the  utilisation of  the waters    of —  the  Krishna river

The  world’s busiest  big ship canal — The  Panama

With which state was Chandernagar, earlier under French possession, integrated? —  West Bengal

The first national film award the President’s Gold Medal went to a Marathi feature film and a  documentary film.  Name the   films —  Shyamchi  Aai and Mahabalipuram

Where  is India’s  first newsprint factory? —  Nepanagar, MP

The  board game  in which  players  build  words with  small lettered blocks— Scrabble

Puck,  a  mischievous  sprite in  English folklore,  is also called —  Robin Goodfellow

In  Ramayana,  who is Dashanan? — Ravana

The Hindi film  in which the director,  his father  and grandfather    acted — Kal Aaj Aur Kal [Raj Kapoor (Father), Prithvi Raj Kapoor (Grand Father), Randhir Kapoor  (Director)

Equitation  is  the art  and practice of: —  riding a horse

Hallucinations resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol are called ‘pink _____’ — elephants

‘Pula’ is  the standard  monetary unit of — Botswana

In  sororicide,  who is killed? —  One’s sister

From which  Upanishad are  the words  ‘Satyameva Jayate’  taken? — Mundaka

‘Drinka pinta milka day’. What is the unit of volume mentioned in this slogan? — Pint

Founder  of  the Internet  Mail Service, Hotmail — Sabeer Bhatia

Japan’s  highest peak is: — Fujiyama

A party to  celebrate the  occupancy of  a new   home — Housewarming

The  year in  which India  joined the UN — 1945

The  first  India-made motor car —  Hindustan 10

Roman number CM is  equal to: — 900

The year  Tagore was  made Bharat  Ratna — Tagore is not a Bharat   Ratna

The  year  Coca-Cola was introduced — 1886

Who was  India’s  first  woman candidate  (in 1926 elections)? —  Kamaldevi Chattopadhyaya

Who won the most tennis singles championships in grand slam tournaments? —  Margaret  Court (Australia)

Honsu,  Baffin  and Victoria are: — islands

Agatha Christie wrote her first novel, while working as a _______ during WWI — nurse

On Oct 19, 1987 the Dow Jones Industrial Average  plunged 508 points. The  day  is known as: — Black Monday

The  father and son  who won  the Dada  Saheb Phalke  award — Prithvi Raj Kapoor  and Raj   Kapoor

Strategic Defence  Initiative is nicknamed — Star Wars

The  country whose  name means equator — Ecuador

The  first (it  was a  Maharaja) to switch on  an electric light in     India —  The Maharaja  of Bikaner (1896)
Helen danced the first rock ‘n’ roll number in an Indian  film in  1957.  The film? — Baarish
The  first  Indian Air Chief —  Air Marshal S. Mukherjee
In  red wines, the  entire grape  is used.  In  white,  only  the _____
— juice
The  many-headed monster  in Greek mythology — Hydra
the British  equivalent  of  the Oscar awards:
—  BAFTA (British Academy of  Film and  TV  Arts) awards
The  author  of Moon Walk — Michael Jackson
The  number of  rooms in  the Buckingham Palce — 602
In  which  state is  the hill  sation Mount Abu? — Rajasthan
The  oldest  University in UK — Oxford
Valentine Tereshkova  orbited the  Earth  abroad  the  spacecraft ____
— Vostock 6
He thought it was Asia, but it was the West Indies. Who was this explorer? —  Christopher Columbus
What  scale is used to  classify  wind speeds? — Beaufort scale
The  first  Indian technicolour picture? —  Jhansi  Ki Rani
The city  where world’s  first  underground  railway was constructed
— London
The three women who shot into fame in the 40’s as exponents of Carnatic music
—  MS  Subbulakshmi, DK Pattammal,
ML Vasanthakumari
The  old  name of Harare — Salisbury
Where was the first national exhibition organised by the Govt. of India?
— Delhi (1958)
— The sturdy porters, guides and skilled mountaineers living in Nepal in the shadow of the   Himalayas
— The Sherpas
The  first  spacecraft to reach another  world
— Luna  2  (The  space probe crashed
on  the Moon, 1959)
Where was the Earth Summit  held   in 1992? —  Rio de Janeiro
How  many  border countries does China have? 14
Where  is the language  Kirundi spoken? —  In Burundi
The kind of  cooking named from a  Spanish word meaning a framework    of sticks — Barbecue
Where do we find the Blue Room, the Red Room,  the  Green Room  and  the Rose Room? —  In the  White House (USA)
The  second largest continent — Africa
Botulism  is a  form  of:  (cooking/food poisoning/volcanic eruption)
—  Food poisoning
How  many storeys  has the tower   of Pisa? — Eight
The  first  man  to reach  the North Pole — Robert E  Peary
‘Bobby’  is  a nickname  for the English — policeman
‘Movies’  is  a short  form of ______. —  Motion Pictures
Snakes  (have/don’t  have) movable eyelids —  don’t have
Which  country  is  not in West Africa:  Guinea,  Niger,  Togo, Djibouti, Mali
— Djibouti
What was bought by US Secretary of State in 1867 at 2 cents an acre?
— Alaska
The  Hindu goddess  who is  the personification of  the  infinit — Aditi
How are Deenanath and  Hridayanath related to Lata    Mangeshkar
— Father  and brother,  respectively
India’s  first 3-D film —  My dear Kuttichathan
The German physician who first described the Alzheimer’s Disease in 1907 —  Alois Alzheimer
Termite  is also called —  white ant
Who won Gold in the same event (discus throw) in four consecutive Olympics? — Al Oerter
The  oldest  football  club in India —  Mohan Began
The  Mahabharata chronicles the battle between the  children of    two
Kbrothers.  NKame  the Ubrothers.   ND—  PanduAand  DhriNtarashtra
What  is common  to the  residential  addresses of  Sonia  Gandhi and Tony
Blair? —  House  No. (10-Janpath and 10-Downing Street)
Europe’s longest bridge —  The Oresund Bridge
The two names by  which  the  author  of  ‘Arthashastra’ is  known —  Kautilya and Chanakya
Another  name  for Latin America —  South America
Inventor of saxaphone? —  Adolph Saxx
The first Indian  musician  to win Magsaysay   Award —  M.S. Subbulakshmi
The  Rajasthan  woman  who committed  sati in 1987? —  Roop Kanwar
The scientist who was decorated with Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan  and  Padma Vibhushan  and  was  a Union Minister —  MGK Menon
When was Coca Cola  banned   in India? — 1977
What  was  first  manufactured by  the Bessemer Process? — Steel
Which  country  built  the first nuclear  power station? — Russia
Numbers that  can be divided only  by themselves and one    are —  prime numbers
The American  term  ‘broil’  is the same as  the  British term — grill
Where were the  first  railways built? — In  Britain
Whom  does the biggest  postage  stamp issued  by India  depict? —  Rajiv Gandhi
The  resolution of  a  computer indicates —  The  quality of  the picture  on the screen.
The  highest efficiency  award in judo — Shihan
The first country  to  have a motorway — Germany  (1921)
Dr  E  Jenner  injected people  with  cowpox  germs to  stop them getting
_____ — smallpox
Lotus for  India,  maple for  Canada,  ______ for UK — Rose
Whales  are mammals. True/False? — True
The longest frontier is  the border between    USA and — Canada
In  Hindu  mythology, Rati’s husband — Kama
Meaning  of  the  title ‘Genghis Khan’  — Ruler of the   Oceans
The Swastika  was hated  as  the  emblem of  the Nazi  Party. The  word
comes  from  Sanskrit and means — well-being
Height  of the  Statue of  Liberty in  New York Harbour    — 46  metres
What  is ‘Yomiuri Shimbun’? —  World’s  largest daily newspaper
Which country  has  the  largest Muslim population? — Indonesia
The  countries that  were referred  to as  the ‘Big  Three’ in  1945?
‘Quiet’ volcanoes don’t explode because gases and steam can easily escape from runny ______ that   they contain. — magma
The largest stars  are the  supergiants while the smallest  stars are    called
______. — dwarfs
Watergate was  a  political (party/leader/scandal)  of the 1970s.
— scandal
The  beauty  whom  Baseball star  Joe  DiMaggio married?
—  Marilyn Monroe
Lhotse  and Makalu  are mountains in  which range? — Himalayas
What  are the  official  languages  of  the UN?
—  Arabic,  Chinese, English, French,
Russian and Spanish
The  full  name of  World Bank?
— International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
How many  members are there in  the  European Parliament? — 626
The organisation that unites Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. —  The  Nordic Council
The organisation that has a membership of 1.7 billion people, and represents over  30%  of  the world  population.   —  The Commonwealth
Of  which  country is  Baku the capital? — Azerbaijan
The  old  name  of Burkina Faso? —  Upper Volta
The language spoken  by the largest number  of  peoople in the     world?
— Mandarin
Name the person who became the first PM of his country  in  1947,  and was  assassinated in 1951. —  Liaquat Ali Khan
In  which city  do  you  find the  twin Petronas Towers?
—  Kuala Lumpur
The person who won Nobel Prize, Magsaysay Award, Templeton Award, Jawaharlal  Nehru Award  and Bharat Ratna? — Mother Teresa
The  American plane that dropped  the first  bomb on   Hiroshima.
—  Enola Gay
With which sport  is the world  body   FINA associated? — Swimming
The first Filmfare best actress award was won by _______ for her role  in Baiju Bawara. —  Meena Kumari
Where is  the  dam  Cabora Bassa situated? — In Mozambique
Which world-famous artist  was known  as the  ‘King of   shadows’?
— Rembrandt
What  gave prosperity  to the  island of Nauru? — Phosphate
The second largest island in   the world? —  New Guinea
The only American President  who won  back presidency  after losing   it.
— Cleveland
‘The holy franc’ is the name given to the currency of a country. Name the country. — Switzerland
Somalia is part  of the Horn   of _______ — Africa
Althing  is  the Parliament of — Iceland
Crops sown  in  Oct-Nov  and reaped in April  are called:   Rabi/Kharif
— Rabi
Badrinath is  dedicated to _____ —  Lord Vishnu
Monegasque  is  a citizen of — Monaco
What  is  the Everest  called in Nepalese? — Sagarmatha
What  is common  to ostrich, emu and   kiwi? —  They  are fightless birds.
Who  is the only  Indian  woman who  has  climbed  the Everest twice? — Santhosh Yadav
World’s  largest non-capital city? — Shanghai
The last of the Ptolemies, the dynasty which reigned over Egypt from  323 BC to  20 BC. — Cleopatra
English is the official language in 58 countries, French in 32  countries,  and ______  in 25 countries. — Arabic
World’s  largest opium producer? — Afghanistan
Creation of Euro is described as the most important economic event since  the ______  conference of 1944. — Bretton Woods
It  was used for the  first time on May  6, 1840.    What?
— The first postage stamp. (‘Penny Black’ of  Britain)
First soldier  of the  Indian  armed forces to  be awarded Param Vir   Chakra
— Major Somnath Sharma (4th Battalion, Kumaon  Regiment)
Who got a  football scholarship from Sports Authority of  India at the  age of 9? —  Baichung Bhutia
Who  directed Mississippi Masala? —  Mira Nair
The first person to cross the magical figure of 2800 points in rapid chess? —  Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand
Who defined genius as “one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspi- ration”?
—  Thomas Alva Edison
“Citius, Altius, Fortius” is the Olympic motto in Latin. What is the En- glish equivalent?
—  “Swifter, higher, stronger”
The  writer  associated with  ‘Rally for  the Valley (Narmada)’:
—  Ms  Arundhati Roy
The name for the group consisting of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. —  Shanghai Five
The  second  President  of  the Indian  origin in Singapore?
— SR Nathan
Pakistan  became  a republic in — 1956
The first Indian  feature film  to be   dubbed.
— Harischandra  (1944). From  Kannada to  Tamil
In 1996, India had three Prime Ministers.  Names?
— Narasimha  Rao, AB  Vajpayee and  HD  Deve Gowda
The  first woman  leader  of  a Muslim nation.
—  Benazir  Bhutto, Pakistan
The three Pacific island states that  were admitted  to UN in     Sept  1999?
—  Kiribati, Nauru and Tonga
What is  common to Adolf  Hitler,  Charlie Chaplin and Jawaharlal   Nehru?
— Born in  1889
The military expeditious of European Christians in 11th, 12th and 13th centuries  to recover  the Holy  Land from Muslims? — Crusades
The war whose general cause was Anglo-Russian  dispute especially  over the control  of Dardanelles. — Crimean War
It floats in the sea. Normally only one-ninth of the total mass is  visible above  the surface.  A hazard  to shipping.  What is it? — An iceberg
The world body  founded in  1920  and dissolved in   1946.
—  League  of Nations
Where did Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meet in 1943 to outline  places  for  the  invasion of Europe? — At Teheran
The phrase for a political barrier existing  between China  and other  ma-  jor powers,  especially during the leadership of  Mao   Zedong.
—  Bamboo Curtain
For  which  city  is ‘The  Big  Apple’ a nickname? —  New York
What does ‘blue  blood’ mean? — Noble  or  aristocratic descent
Name the British explorer  who discovered the Hawaiian    islands.
—  Captain James Cook
Playing  time of  the full  version of  Indian  National Anthem
— 52  seconds
With whom did Alexander Fleming (discoverer of penicillin) share the Nobel Prize? —  Florey  and Chain
The  most powerful supercomputer  ever  made  in  India.
—  Param 10000
Why  is August  11,  1999 unique?
—  Because of  the century’s  last  solar eclipse.
Of  which country  is the  island Viti  Levu a part? — Fiji
Who directed  the  film ‘The Godfather’? —  Francis Coppola
The state that was the home of Bharat dynasty, which gave the name Bharat to India. — Haryana
The Nobel Peace Prize winner who was appointed UN’s goodwill ambassador in 1993. — Rigoberta Menchu
Ali Sardar Jafri, Firak Gorakhpuri, and Qurattulain Hyder are Urdu writers.  Which  award did  they all win? — Gyanpith
The name Golkonda is derived from the words ‘golla’ meaning shepherd and  ‘konda’ meaning ________ — hill
What is common to Dr DK Karve, Dr B.C. Roy and P.D. Tandon?
— Recipients of Bharat  Ratna
Who discovered benzene  in 1825? —  Michael Faradey
The Soviet  cosmonaut  who died in  an  air crash? —  Yuri Gagarin
The astrophysicist who is a victim of a degenerative nerve disease  and  can  communicate  only  through a computer: —  Stephen Hawking
He was working in a fruit shop. Devika Rani made him a great film star. Name the actor. —  Dilip Kumar
The  nationality  of Sigmund Freud, the founder of   psychoanalysis:
— Austrian
‘The  Hundred  Years War’  was a  series of  wars  between ______.
—  England and France
What  did  Willem Einthoven invent? —  Electro cardiogram
What is  the study  of  fossils called? — Palaeontology
The land of  very  tiny  people  in Guilliver’s Travels —  Lilliput
The Union  Territories that  have Chief  Ministers.
—  Pondicherry and Delhi
Who is  India’s  first  Nobel Prize winner? — Rabindranath Tagore
When  was  the  first  international film festival  of  India held?
— Jan 24,  1952
The  Australian cricketer  with 11,174  test  runs to his  credit.
—  Allan Border
Four cities that are known for international film festivals are Cannes, Venice, Karlovy Vary and Montreal. In which countries are these cities situated  (in  that order)?
—  France, Italy,  Czech Republic,  Canada
India’s first  STD  was  between ______  and  _____ (1960).
—  Lucknow and Kanpur
The world’s first test tube baby was born on July 25, 1978. The baby’s name: —  Louise Brown
Where is the Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education located? — Gwalior
One billion  is equal  to ______ crore. — 100
The  state of  Karnataka was  known as  ______ until  1973.
— Mysore
On 21.1.1972, the States of ______, ______ and Union Territory of Mizoram were inaugurated. —  Manipur, Tripura
The first  scientist  known  to have  studied  the  mechanism of heredity:
— Aristotle
The  first state  to  achieve 100 per  cent electrification of  the  villages:
— Haryana
The first  5-star Deluxe  hotel  in India: —  Ashok  Hotel of Delhi
The first public  corporation in   India:
—  Damodar Valley Corporation
The original gold  Ranji  trophy,  donated  by  the  Maharaja  of  Patiala,  is now in _______. — Pakistan
When  did  bicycle make  its first  appearance in India? — 1890
With which Ashram is Mrs Mira Richer (formerly Mira Alfassa) associated? —  Sri  Aurobindo Ashram
The expanded  form of  FEMA?
—  Foreign  Exchange Management Act
What do we call a woman whose husband is habitually or temporarily absent? —  Grass widow
The  date  India  became smallpox free — July 5,  1995
Hedonism  is  the  doctrine that  _____ is  the highest good.
— pleasure
The country  that has  three official  names, in  three different  languages.
— Switzerland
The  original name  of poet Tulsidas? — Rambola
Chewing gum was originally made from _____, the gum of the sapodilla plum tree. — chicle
The  main  sources  of  commercial sugar?
— Sugarcane and sugar  beet
The  country  with the largest postal network in   the world — India
Which  city  is the  diamond capital  of  the world?
—  Kimberley,  S Africa
Which city  is called ‘Australia’s   front door’? — Darwin
The  world’s population  in A.D. 1? —  200 million
First  Gyanpith award winner? —  G. Sankara Kurup
India’s  first  Deputy Prime Minister? —  Vallabhbhai Patel
The first  man to walk  in space —  Alexei Leonov
First  Asian  woman  to cross  the English Channel? — Aarti Saha
First  foreigner  to  receive  Bharat Ratna?
—  Khan  Abdul Gaffar Khan
First Indian  actress to win   Padma Shri? — Nargis Dutt
India’s  first woman ambassador? —  Vijayalakshmi Pandit
First  Indian  to win Oscar? —  Bhanu Athaiya
Who wrote ‘If  I  am Assassinated’? —  ZA Bhutto
The country whose national flag  is   plain green. — Libya
The  German  politician  who was known as  the ‘Iron  Chancellor’:
— Bismarck
Stars produce  energy at  their centres  by converting  hydrogen, their  main constituent, into ______ — helium
George Eliot and George Sand were novelists. What else was common to both? —  Both were women
The  year  women athletes were admitted to  Olympic Games? — 1900
Which  was  the first  full-length cartoon film?
— Walt Disney’s ‘Snow White and the Seven  Dwarfs’
The 5  events in  the women’s  pentathalon:
— Long jump, high jump, shot-put, 80 m hurdle race, 200 m   race
The  highest denomination  of  the Indian postage stamp — Rs 50
What  is a  ‘chukker’ in polo? — A  period of  play
The first  man to  run a mile in  4 minutes   (1954):
— Roger  Bannister  of Britain
Where do you find   Angkor Wat? —  In Cambodia
The two countries linked  by  the Teen Bigha   corridor:
—  India and Bangladesh
The  three sisters who became  famous  English novelists?
—  The Bronte  sisters: Anne,  Charlotte and Emily
The  weight  of an ostrich? — About 150  kg
The great scientist  who was born in  Germany in  1879 and died in  USA   in 1955? — Albert Einstein

The smallest  unit of length? — Attometre

Who coined  the word  ‘robot’? —  Karel Capek, a  Czech  playwright

The year  was 1938  and  the  man  Lasalo Biro.  What  was  the invention? —  The  ball-point pen

What  is an analgesic? —  A painkiller

Who  created the  detective Hercule Poirot? — Agatha Christie

The  first communications satellite: — Score

Where  does  space begin? — About  160 km above our  heads

The  lift  was  invented solely  for  the use  of  a  king. Which king? —  King Louis  XV of France

Mark Twain was the first famous author to  use an  invention.  What  was it? —  The typewriter

The first  dog in space. — Laika

The  first animal to be sent up in a    rocket. —  Albert, a  male rhesus monkey

What  makes  Mushtaq Mohammad Well-known? — The Pakistan cricketer who played test cricket at the age of  15

Gagarin,  Titov,  Glenn, Carpenter:  Who are they? —  The first  men in space

The longest  railway platform  in the  world?—  Kharagpur (West bengal)

The  first electric  train service  in India  was between  Bombay and _______. — Kurla


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